About me


Boril Boshnakov is graphic artist based in Berlin-Germany specializing
in visual design, iIllustration for advertising, print, digital media and interaction
design. He has been working nationally for over fifteen years to create some of the
industry’s most compelling visuals for clients such as Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Morgen Studios, Eidos, Heureka Klett, VW, Nokia, iPhone and DDB-Berlin.


“We are searching for a fine line existing within the balance of two universes. A space that lies between the illusionary facade of a fiction – woven into our unconscious subsistence – and the reality of our thoughts living independent lives within another layer of our mental framework. There is a mental border that exists only in the mind, a razor’s edge of space that is inhabited by tension and confrontation, an area where metaphors are immaculately birthed.”


Enjoy your stay!


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